Hanging Out With Pitchie While It’s Raining Cats and Dogs Outside

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Right now, the saying: “It’s raining cats and dogs” sounds a little bit too literal.

I have a gig to go to but I decided to swing by my cousin’s place to deliver his license plate so we can finally go riding tomorrow. And then… rain.

No worries, the rest of the band is still en route to the venue so I have some time to write. As soon as I took out my writing gear, Pitchie, my cousin’s Pitbull recognized my routine and came over to lie down at my feet. She knows I like rubbing my feet against her massive back when I’m trying to create an outline for a post.

My close relationship with Pitchie started almost a year ago when she was still a puppy. Well, an oversized puppy. My cousin left her with me for a couple of weeks while she was in heat and let’s just say I kinda spoilt her.

When he left her with me, she was a muscular dog. When he came back to pick her up a few weeks later, she was fat.

Well, at least I didn’t starve her, right? Oh she was finishing a sack of dog food every week and man did she get big.

My cousin swore he’d never leave his dog with me ever again.

Those few weeks with Pitchie cemented her love for me as her favorite Hooman.

There’s a big difference with how she interacts with me and how she is with my cousin. With me she becomes a little puppy all over again, wiggling her butt frantically when I’m around. With my cousin, she’s more of an obedient dog. A good dog for all accounts and purposes. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her though. He’s just more of a disciplinarian than I am.

I simply can’t resist her cute face.

My cousin obviously did a great job training her to be the dog she is now. Unlike most pitbulls, Pitchie knows how to keep her distance so as not to scare people with her intimidating face. She’s always of leash and has the run of the entire backyard at her disposal. She’s well behaved and obviously a very trustworthy dog to have around even with little kids running around. She has a very high tolerance to pain and moves away when it gets too much for her.

Pitchie became my writing buddy. She’d sleep in my room while the other dogs slept in the living room. Well, she and the cat. She usually ends up doubling as the kitty bed. She didn’t seem to mind.

At 5AM, she’d be waiting for me to get up so I could lead them all out the front door and let them do their business. Once they were done, food was served and everyone’d be back inside to lounge around. That usually meant everyone’d be sleeping in the office while I typed away on the keyboard, trying to get articles done in time.

Pitchie would always find a way to get under my desk and be as close to me as possible. This was about the same time I started using her as a surface to rub my feet on to get some ideas started :D.

She loved it. I loved it. And ever since that first time, she became my writing buddy.

It’s been 30 minutes of heavy rain.

She’s still snoring at my feet.

Let me see if I can wake her up so we can have some pics on this article.

There… 😀


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