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Happy New Year!

Well, here we are, the start of a new decade. It’s finally 2020.

This year I’m expecting a lot of change happening to my life.

Getting married on the 20th of February. Yeah!

Increase my workout time. Do some yoga.

Make sure my band AcidRadius has a more productive year. Make more songs. Here’s hoping Mitch, Felix and Glenn are still up to doing what we set out to do.

Develop a podcast for Musika Wabad and State Of Mind Productions. Hopefully get to work with MOR again to get bands pushed out into the mainstream.

Plan the Araw Ng Davao and Kadayawan events. Check to see if MinPop is still good to go on their festival on the 2nd of February.

Do the JAMboree thing with Wardy.

Find a way for my friends to succeed. Especially Moawh and Cross T-26. MuzikLaban here we come!

Buy a SmartHouse so I can finally start saving up for a Harley Trike. These things are things I’ve discussed with my fiancee and I’m glad she’s now onboard with my ideas of living a simple life.

Write a book or two to for Amazon. Let’s see if I can do another book series about survival and living off the grid.

Keep writing Carticles. I never thought I’d enjoy writing about cars so much again.

Keep writing Womentries. I’m fortunate to have a job where I get to feature women in the adult industry in the best light possible. Give them another dimension and not just what you ordinarily see onscreen. These women are in a business where the fact that they are human gets overlooked oftentimes.

And last but not least, try to keep everyone updated through my blog at least once a day.

Sheesh, a tall order but hey, It’s a new year. Time to make it count.

Happy New Year!

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