January 2, 2020

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January 2 Buena Mano!

It’s January 2, officially the second day of the new decade.

January 2, 2020
January 2, 2020

It’s back to work day today. Although I never really took a break except that time when we got back from Cagayan De Oro. That was tiring. We attended a wedding and I drove to and from CDO.

5 solid hours of driving with very few pit stops in between for food and rest.

So What Did I Do Today?

I finished three blog posts for that car blog I was writing for.

If you want to read them, here are the links:

Can Nissan LEAF Use A Tesla Charger?

Do All Luxury Cars Come With Tinted Windows?

Do Light Colored Cars Stay Cooler?

I also started writing a few more articles about why Race cars have taped headlights and how to stop rattling doors on pickups. these should be finished tomorrow after I get some rest. It’s officially the 3rd here.

I have to call it a night because the adult site I was working on is down for some maintenance. So, no posted pornticles on that site to share.

This massive surge of productivity is brought by me not really liking taking off from work. I don’t know, I’ve always loved working on something. You know what they say about the Devil loving idle hands, so I’ve always managed to keep myself busy even if everyone else is relaxing.

Don’t get me wrong though. I like working at a relaxed pace. My articles are a product of writing daily and compiling gathered information before making something original out of all that data. I just write at least 1000 words a day to keep myself sharp.

I also have Netflix playing on the side to keep me company and the dog as another companion. I’m not that hard working. I’m just consistent.


I finished the entire Punisher series in 3 days while at my desk.


Take A Break

It’s important to take a break after every completed piece of work. Or at least 5 minutes per hour of work done. It keeps your mind fresh. Break the routine up with things you love doing like crossword puzzles or playing the guitar. Yeah, I do that.

Hot Yoga Rocks!

My fiancee and I managed to get in an hour of hot yoga and believe me, that stuff works. A few minutes into the basic poses and we were drenched in sweat. We’re planning on doing a daily routine to quickly shed off the excess weight in anticipation of the coming wedding.


January 2 Buena Mano! Here’s to more productive days in 2020!



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