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Why Hayop Etc.

Why’d I pick that name?

Well, if I was only smart enough to have gotten the name Petcetera I would’ve, too bad someone beat me to it (shout out to those guys!)

Anyway, the closest I could get to including the word pets was having the words Hayop and Etcetera in it. So there…

Hayop ETC.

Hayop Etcetera


Ahhh you probably got it the first time.

A little about us

Anyway, here’s a little about me and why this site is up:

I am a dog lover. I currently have 5. A Pitbull and a few Spitzes.

My girlfriend has 6 Terriers.

My closest buddy has 5 dogs too. And a tank full of fish.

I also have a cat. Well, I co-own a cat, I guess…

My love for animals stretch way back to my younger years.
I took care of many weird animals from grasshoppers to mice, chickens and a few pythons. Turtles, spiders, scorpions, frogs all the creepy crawly things that would freak most parents out were in my little menagerie.

I loved animals big and small, short or tall, furry or scaly, four legged, two legged, no-legged… I just loved them all!

So when an opportunity presented itself for me to be able to express that love and find other people who love animals the same way I do, I took it.

This happened during one of my conversations with a close buddy of mine who I’ve constantly interacted with for half a decade now.

We were planning to create a massive site and somehow our conversation drifted towards our love for our dogs, cats, fishes and other animals.

I wanted to put up a pet store but I didn’t want to sell animals because I easily get attached to them and treat them like family members. I simply wanted to sell pet accessories and all that.

The thing is, I didn’t exactly know where to start.

We kept talking about pets and how we could best express that common love for animals.

We also wanted to promote more awareness about how to take care of your pets properly.

Lastly, we talked about how we could best immortalize our pets.

And so… T-Shirts.

Well we’re planning on spreading all these good things through printed material from shirts, to mugs, caps, cups and any surface area we can print stuff on for all pet lovers.

Here’s hoping you’ll help us succeed in reaching that goal.

What have we done so far?

We’re still in the planning stage. We’ve created the Facebook Page for this lofty dream.

You can find us on:

And now comes the hard part: Creating a message that basically send us out positive vibes to all pet lovers all over the world without discriminating any type of pet.

I had to come up with a short description that may or may not change over the course of our existence as a Facebook Page. ANd the hardest thing for me to do sometimes is write about something I’m very passionate about because a thousand to 2 thousand words just isn’t enough sometimes.

Well, here goes nothing.

Here’s our description version 1.0:

Hayop! ETC is a place where animal lovers can converge and express their love for all animals big and small.

We don’t discriminate, whether you like them furry or scaly, winged or finned, with four legs, two legs or no legs, this is the best place to give all animals the love they deserve!
Here, you can:
Express your love through our tees and other services!
Immortalize your pets through images.
Share your beloved pets with other fur parents

And please, adopt, don’t shop 😀

Well, that’s about it for now. Please visit and like our page and hopefully we’ll have stuff for you to love 😀

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