How should we really celebrate 420?

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How should we really celebrate 420?
420 started out as a small event which has become a worldwide phenomenon with people from all walks of life converging to celebrate this event.
For the unititiated, 420 is the date when smokers converge in order to have Marijuana legalized. It started out with a small group called the Waldos and has since become quite popular with other enthusiasts until the whole world just seem to have embraced the tradition.
420 isn’t really recognized as an official holiday, but should we still celebrate it?
I’m not too stoked about revealing my political stand on a lot of things, but in this case I say, why not?
If it raises awareness for marijuana and eventually influences the legalization of the drug all over the world I think it’s worth coming together for and smoking our favorite plant.
Here’s the problem and maybe the reason why there are still obstacles in the way which stop it from being legalized: stupid people.
If you’re a pot user, that’s well and good. Just make sure you’re a responsible pot user.
Effects of marijuana range from stupor to some hallucinations depending on if you have the Sativa or Indica strain. I prefer the Indica for its sedative effect on me. Yeah, I basically turn into a lazy ass when I smoke a joint. I like spacing out and having no motivation to do anything at all for a day.
So if you’re gonna smoke a joint, make sure you stay home. Don’t use pot to score “coolness points” because it just isn’t cool when you’re stumbling all over the place or becoming way too anxious around people (depending again on the strain).
Do us all a favor and be responsible so that marijuana finally gets legalized.
If you smoke pot, behave so that it doesn’t give the drug and everyone else a negative image.
Oh yeah, if you’re wondering why this is late, I started making this blog post on April 20th and then I had to celebrate the day.
So to quote Afroman (somehow…)
“I was gonna write a post today but then I got high….”

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