Taps Damosa – Good Food, Bad Service

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Address: Damosa Market Basket 14 & 15, ANGLIONGTO LANANG DAVAO CITY, 8000 Davao City

Phone    (082) 302 8081

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TapsDamosa

You want fast food served piping hot to you at a price that won’t break the bank? Try Taps Restaurant. They have many branches strewn all over Davao City and the food they serve is basically great.

Now, I really hate writing negative things about food places but I really have to do it. In this case it’s Taps Damosa branch.

I can’t understand why all the other Taps branches have great service and yet Taps Damosa just seems to have downright abhorrent service. Maybe it’s an infectious disease cause the restaurant next door, Dimsum Diner, also has bad service.

Please take note: it’s the service I’m complaining about.

The food at Taps Damosa is basically fried food and they have lots of offerings on the menu. I like the MeloSilog (Meat Loaf) and BaSiLog (Bacon) while my girl goes for the LeKaSiLog (Lechon Kawali) and the BangSiLog (Bangus).

The food arrives within a couple of minutes and it’s a pretty decent meal for under a hundred pesos. Cheapskates like me should rejoice because Davao has places like Taps. But just because the food is very affordable doesn’t mean you

General complaints:

1. The staff doesn’t seem to want to talk to you or take your order. Everytime you call one of their staff they’d just put up their hand and seem to treat you like a nuisance. A smile would help and a few words like “Teka lang po” or something to that effect.

2. They never inform you that their is no more Sinangag (Fried Rice) therefore you’re not getting what you paid for which includes said food item. So instead of getting a MeLoSiLog (Meat Loaf – Sinangag – Itlog) meal you get a MeLoKaLog (Meat Loaf – Kanin – Itlog) meal. Hehehehe now it seems kinfd of funny cause if you want a BaSiLog (Bacon – Sinangag – Itlog) you get a BaKaLog (Bacon – Kanin – Itlog) hahaha.

3. The menu they display in front shows prices that aren’t updated so you’re left guessing what happened and why you seemed to get charged more.

A good restaurant has three things. Ambiance, Good Food and Good Service. Taps only has Good Food going for it. Only having one out of three is bad. I feel sorry for the owner who hired the staff because he or she is bound to lose some business due to incompetence and the apathy of the crew towards paying customers. 100 pesos is still a hundred and multiplied over the number of people patronizing the place is a considerable amount. Losing one or two customers with bad feedback about the place is going to multiply the number of people avoiding Taps Damosa. Chances are it is also going to affect all the other well functioning branches epecially in Ma-a and the one near Davao Doctors Hospital.

So the verdict on the place… and we’re only talking about Taps Damosa is: only come back if you want some more abuse. Once again, the food is good. The service sucks!

Makes me wonder what TAPS stands for… is it Terrible At Pleasant Service?

So, to the owner of Taps Damosa: Please make TAPS stand for Terrific and Pleasant Service like all the other branches. I love your food cause it’s very affordable and I believe the call center guys who work nearby have the same sentiments.

PS. Why do you keep running out of Sinangag?

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