Full on pig out mode at Itaewon

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Address: Mc Arthur Highway, Matina, Davao City

Contact Number: (082) 285 79 28

I’m not much of a Korean cuisine lover but there are a few Korean food places that I do love to eat in. Itaewon is one of those Korean restaurants I fell in love with instantly.

I’d decline an invitation every time I got invited to eat at a Korean restaurant in the past. Itaewon changed all that. I guess you could say, this place is my gateway Korean restaurant as it opened up my mind to other places like Manna and yukgejang (i don’t know if I got the spelling right).

So anyway, a friend of mine brought me to Itaewon and although I was apprehensive at first, I eventually gave in. Maybe because the words “Eat all you can” and “free food” were mentioned in the same sentence. I’m happy to say I enjoyed my first experience and I have gone back at least three times.

Now, my latest experience at Itaewon was with my girl and this time I got to do the cooking. Well, part of the cooking. Okay maybe just a bit cause I’m really no good in the kitchen at all. I love to eat but I can’t cook to save my life.

The place is pretty sparse and minimalistic which suits the place real well. There are a couple of black tables and chairs neatly lined up in the restaurant and it contrasts really well with the white walls. You immediately feel that the place is so clean.

The meals at Itaewon are very well priced and if you’re a cheapskate like me, you won’t get turned off by the prices.

We ordered the unlimited meat package at Php 195 and unlimited lettuce at Php 50. I may not have all the prices right because to be quite honest, the price was negligible with what you were getting.

Needless to say we pigged out on lettuce, pork, chicken and beef and probably refilled more than three times. You have to do the cooking though but it’s part of the fun of eating at Itaewon.

The lettuce is always fresh as well as the meat products and you get more than what you paid for.

I’m happy to say that the service at Itaewon is quick and snappy and they’ll refill your plates in a just a few seconds. The crew is always smiling and they’re very vigilant. You’ll never feel like they’re avoiding you like in some restaurants I’ve been in.

One thing I’d have to point out to Itaewon though is that someone has to do something about the floors. It feels kind of slick and people could accidentally slip and slide if they’re not careful. Maybe it’s that way because of the oil coming from the frying pans when people are cooking their own meals.

So is this place worth a visit? Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I could probably write a whole article just saying Yes to Itaewon!

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