Ice Giants – Learning the difference between a Parfait and a Sundae

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Learning the difference between a Parfait and a Sundae is extremely important if you want some ice cream. Since I’m a guy, it basically falls in the size and quantity division. A Parfait is basically bigger than a puny sundae.

So, next time I’m going to Ice Giants, I’ll make sure I order a Parfait instead of a Sundae.

A Parfait is yogurt or ice cream layered with fruits while a Sundae is one or two scoops of ice cream with some syrup. A parfait is basically bigger than a Sundae to accommodate all of its ingredients.

That’s probably the simplest way to put it in words.

Now where’d we get it? Ice Giants Lanang, that’s where.

There are bigger offerings on the menu but since we’re kind of on a diet, we decided to just have a parfait and a sundae and Ice Giants can deliver the goods!

I just wish I ordered the parfait too…

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