My collection of phobias

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I have lots of fears.
Not the normal fear of certain things, but an uncontrollable urge to run when I encounter my fears.
I believe that's what you'd call a phobia
here's my first one:
Rats. Ever since I got bitten by one, I have been so afraid of rodents. I used to keep mice and rats as pets and eventually, as food for my pythons when i got older. One particular time, I ran out of rats because I had way too many snakes in the house. Their birth rates and populations could not keep up with the hunger my snakes had. So I decided to go catch a house rat to feed my largest python. The plan was use the tongs I use to pick them up and slam it against a wall to stun it and then let the python kill and eat it.
bad plan.
I saw a rat and clamped my tongs on its tail. The rat managed to crawl up the tongs and bit me on the thumb. long story short, never mess with wild rats.
next, People walking behind me.
I had an incident that involved a girl, a jealous ex boyfriend and a six inch knife. Never knew I could run as fast as that till that day.
Ever since then, the sound of people behind me always makes me paranoid.
and last, Fire.
Pretty obvious, our house burned down last month.
what are you afraid of?
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Chester Canonigo

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