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Of course this isn't the real story behind the Pianono bread. It's something I concocted to amuse my girlfriend. I guess I got carried away. I hope you enjoy this!

There once was a baker named Pia
Who lived in a town called Lantia
With her utterly handsome husband
Who was both a cad and a truant

She would bake all day
He would take the pay
She was tired and spent
With nothing saved, not even a cent

One day the banker came to collect
on the loan she used for her bakery to erect
"You mean to say you've no money? Am I correct?
Then I shall come back for your shop to get wrecked."

She had no money
Oh poor, poor honey
Not even a penny
To buy dough and make bread aplenty

Off she went to her quaint home
and found her husband, not quite alone
with a buxom blonde and a wild brunette
This was where her money went

To the kitchen she sped in a fit of rage
The two females rushed off, an impromptu race
With a knife in her hand and a dastardly plan
She went to their room to carve up her man

"Pia, no! No!" Was all he could scream
As each downward stroke released a crimson stream
She did it again and again and again
Until not a word escaped from the lips of this villain

Tomorrow came much too soon
The banker came in the afternoon
"Do you have the amount of money?"
"Yes I do…" She replied meekly

She produced a tray of bread fresh from the oven
So yellow and enticing, irresistible to the financer

(With a knife in her hand behind her back, she braced herself to attack)

He gingerly touched it, picked it up and then munched it
"My dear!" He exclaimed "What do you call this wonderful treat?"

(Good thing she heard the old man say, before she moved in to slay)

"I must have more, I'll pay for more"
"You can keep making pastry, I'll extend your loan"
"So what do you call this again now?"

She let go of the knife and breathed a sigh and said:


What do you think did she do to the body of her husband?
What ingredients did she use to make her bread?
How did she come up with the money to buy ingredients in the first place?

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