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They say to be a real artist you have to starve. There was a time in my life where I did starve. Not anymore, I've been fortunate enough to have a great job and a great Dad. With the hunger gone, so has most of the passion and drive to succeed artistically. So I've submitted myself to voluntary starvation several times just to get that feeling back. It'll never be as real as my past experience but it brings back memories and inspiration to create something from nothing.

Create something from nothing
An impossible feat with a stomach filled with food that's ready to eat
So I sit here fighting
The urge to buy or cook food, I smell the neighbor's food instead

The hunger is killing me
But it's feeding me with inspiration…

With every rumble my stomach emits
A poem is written, a song is finished

So what happens now?
What if I succeed?
Why does art demand such sacrifices?
Why must we forgo success in order to succeed?

As ulcer threatens to set in
I continue…
I am so hungry…
I must not give in…

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