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I have been remiss and I apologize for not updating this blog for a really long time. 
There’s a brand spanking new restaurant in Davao City that people are talking about. It’s Rekado.
Situated smack dab in the heart of the city, this beautiful restaurant is quite accessible. Getting there shouldn’t be any problem at all, you can go by car, by jeep, by trike, you can even go by plane if you’re that crazy about spending money. The thing is, you can easily get to Rekado.
It’s a nice place to eat in whether you’re with your family or taking that special someone out.

We tried Rekado out to celebrate Tita Lucille’s Birthday and we had to wait a bit because the place was filled to the brim. We were able to get seats within a couple of minutes and it was cool. We took some pictures of the place’ interior as there were a lot of interesting things going on inside.

Although we had to wait for our food far longer than what we’d expect in a normal restaurant, when it finally arrived it was presented in a very delectable manner. The servings were enough, not too much and not too little. So if you’re someone who’s used to Fast Food and bigger servings (like me)… this place may not be for you. But if you’re patient enough and you watch just how much you eat (the way I tried)… you’ll find that this place is great!

Please take note that we went to this restaurant back in May when they had their soft opening. Some of the things that may have worked to their disadvantage was because of the fact that there were a lot of people lined up to eat there.

Here are some good things I have to say about Rekado:

The presentation was excellent.

The servings were enough.

There are a lot of entrees on the menu.

The place is spectacular!

And here’s something I don’t really like to do but I hope Rekado will treat this as a way for them to improve their service and the food they serve:

Food was delayed.

Some orders were not served correctly.

The Molo soup wasn’t recognizable (I’m used to the more traditional Molo look, I guess)

And the bestseller, the Tadyang did not live up to the hype.

Would I eat there again?

Of course I would. I want to see how much this place improves and I want to make sure that there is a place like Rekado, which offers a “fine dining” experience without the price tag, in Davao.

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