Shoulda Woulda Coulda – My Accountability Check

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

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“Shoulda woulda coulda… tsk.”

2023 is almost over… time to do an accountability check.

I should’ve spent more time learning new stuff during the pandemic.

I should’ve also practiced more guitar.

But I didn’t.




But I didn’t.

Shoulda woulda coulda.

Shoulda Woulda Coulda

I got married on February 20, 2020. My son was conceived a few months later. He was born in January of the next year.


By then the pandemic was in full swing and no one could leave their houses. We managed to survive because I worked from home and not in some office or job that required me to be onsite.

Between that time (March 2020) until 2022, I spent a lot of time learning more about copywriting, SEO, Google Adwords. I also started getting back to guitar basics.

But I wouldn’t say I was totally into it then.

You see, I was content with working as a freelancer and writing copy took up a lot of my time. I was learning so much useful stuff for work but I couldn’t say I gave it 100% of my focus.

I basically just learned enough to perform the tasks I needed to do.

Just a little bit above average.

Not excellent.

What a waste.

And now it’s 2023.

And I just finished a 5-day VA course that I could’ve done 3 years back. I could’ve also finished the Excel course I just completed a day ago in 2020 or 2021 (even 2022).

Shoulda woulda coulda.

I Should’ve Played More Guitar

I should’ve played more guitar, instead, I got fat.

Had I really applied myself to my instrument, I would probably be a legitimate shredder by now.

But no.

I didn’t practice as much as I should’ve or could’ve during the three years that the world technically stopped revolving.

Instead, I threw myself into my work and training videos. And when that was done, I watched too many Netflix movies. I also played too much Candy Crush and Fallout Shelter Online.

All of those things did a number on my fingers.

I stiffened up and have the initial signs of carpal tunnel syndrome creeping in.

I could’ve made videos of myself covering songs, practicing scales, and creating more songs.


I didn’t.

This accountability check came in too late.

I’d probably have a more successful YouTube site by now or at least a blog that earns more money through ads and traffic.

I Became a Farmer

By now, you already know that I am deeply into farming.

But I could’ve done more.

I could’ve documented everything I did on the farm. I did take a few videos and planned to create a tutorial on how to plant durian trees.

Did I make the video yet?


It’s still sitting in my computer.  I still have to piece the footage together and edit it so it becomes palatable on YouTube.

This site needs more content about plants and vegetables.

I didn’t.

There were a few things posted on Instagram but that was it.

I made a few deliveries and tried marketing through social media but I wasn’t consistent enough for it to become something like my friends Xynyrd and JekJek’s Do U Agri? series.

I put up a store and a small eatery though… but it’s not as profitable as I want it to be yet. In fact, I have to work as a freelancer to keep it afloat.

Family Time is Always a Good Investment

But I wouldn’t say I totally wasted all that time.

I became a dad in 2021.

And I learned a lot about caring for another person.

Changing diapers became the norm.

Taking pictures became something I grew comfortable with.

I learned how to cook by reading ebooks, watching YouTube vids, and browsing through cooking websites.

Investing your time caring for your child/children and being with your family is never wasted time. Being of service to others becomes a source of fulfillment.

It’s funny.

A decade ago, I would’ve never uttered these words or done a lot of the things I did from 2020 to the present.


Is it Too Late?

Is it too late?


It never is.

So, for those who want to catch up, for those who want to learn more, for those who want to become more than they are today, tomorrow, here’s what I have to say: Just do it.

Learn new stuff through Udemy, YouTube, eBooks, workshops, seminars, offered courses, etcetera. Network with other people. Ask questions.

Never lose the hunger for learning.

Do away with distractions or do something that makes you productive through them. I wanted to write about Candy Crush but I realized that I loved playing it more than to do anything with it. So, I uninstalled it.

 The same happened to my Fallout Shelter Online mobile app.

Disclaimer: It’s no guarantee that I won’t reinstall them in the future but every day I make a conscious effort not to touch my phone and end up in the Playstore downloading the two.

It’s never too late people, get you’re learning on.

Don’t give yourself the chance to utter the words “shoulda woulda coulda”

So Why Post All of These Failures Online?

I’m doing an accountability check. I’m trying to make sure I make positive changes starting today.

My failures have given me the insight to do something productive about my life and my time on this earth. I have to do something that my son will be proud of in the future.  

I’ve already invested in a VA course, an Excel course, and an SEO course. I’m currently studying for my Google AdWords certification. I’m learning how to use Canva. I signed up for Copywriting and Copyediting refresher courses.

All of these have certificates that I can finally post on all of my profiles (LinkedIn, OnlineJobs, and UpWork) to get better clients.

I’m also going to start posting more regularly on this blog and MusikaWabad. If I make a post every week, then at the end of every year, I’ll have 52 articles for each one. That’s a total of 104 articles for my own sites.

I have to treat myself as another client.

My own client.

My own growth is long overdue. Let’s see how all of these things turn out.

Oh yeah, what are your plans to improve yourself, and would you care to share your accountability check for freelancers list?

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