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Address: Davao – Buda National Hwy, Kitaotao, Bukidnon
Hours: Open 24 hours

I love trips that include nature, animals and minimal expenses.

I thought my girlfriend’s brother was pulling my leg when he said we could go to a beautiful, well maintained place, have a great time and not spend a cent.

It was after all, April 1. April Fools Day.

We were going with a bunch of other guys on a long ride aboard our respective motorcycles.

More info about what happened during our ride here: KOTSEDUDE

We reached Overview Park within 2 hours. Oh wait, I reached it a little over 2 hours. The guys were already comfortably sitting in the shade when I caught up with them.

And Overview Nature and Culture Park delivered.

This place is breathtaking.


(God, I hate that word!)

The view is fantastic. You have access to 320 degrees beauty once you manage to climb up the highest point Overview has to offer.

Yeah, breath taking.

I was gasping as I climbed up the stairs. I probably need more cardio.

And a lot less of Marlboro Reds.

The Overview Nature and Culture Park or Overview is a truly beautiful place if you’re farsighted. My advice, don’t look down because the amount of trash left behind by the countless people who went there before you is appalling. It took a lot of self control not to smack the idiot I saw a few meters from me who casually threw a plastic bag over the rails.


Now, if you can manage to ignore all of that, you’ll be treated to a majestic sight of what makes Bukidnon, bukidnon. If my translation is correct, bukid is filipino for hill. And in front of you is a series of rolling hills covered in lush greenery.

Overview is well developed for a place that charges nothing. Yeah, you don’t pay anything to enjoy the place. I hope people realize that the least they could do was throw their trash in the proper bins since they’re basically enjoying the place for free.

There are several viewing areas connected by stairs. That means selfie addicts can take hundreds of pictures of theirselves for hours in Overview.

The place is filled with statues depicting the original inhabitants of Bukidnon or Lumads(?). Art work reminded me of Davao’s Kublai Millan’s work. Eh… I bet he was commissioned to create those statues. I’m holding off on doing a Google search right now.

I’ll just say it’s Kublai’s work.

The statues provided interesting points to the place and I couldn’t resist taking a silly picture with some of them.

I wish I’d visited this place before it became such a popular stop for tourists. I bet it was more beautiful then.

But, like most tourist spots, businesses sprout around them. I’ve got nothing against it really. I just wish they were positioned a little further from the place than their current location now.

Somehow, it takes a little something away from how magical this place must’ve been before all the congestion of huts and stores.

I was looking forward to having a few minutes to myself to do a little reflection while looking out over the hills but…

Anyway, like most of the beautiful places I’ve gone to, I’ve managed to sound like I’m complaining again. Naw, I enjoyed my time there. I’m just telling you guys what I saw just so you can lower your expectations a bit and lessen the level of disappointment you’re bound to experience once you get there.

Do what I did: ignore your immediate surroundings and just appreciate the beauty of the hills.

Don’t wear any headwear that you can’t fully secure to your noggin or it’s going to end up flying. The wind here is fierce. The temperature is nice. It’s really cold. You’ll still have to wear some sunblock though because you can still get sunburnt while freezing.

You can reach Overview by bus, car, van, motorcycle or any other type of transportation you can think of. It’s right along the highway. It’s pretty hard to miss. There are signs leading to Overview for those who are too lazy or too adventurous to check where it’s at on Google Maps.

Heck, you can even use a skateboard if you’re so inclined to be unconventional.

Would I visit Overview again?

Of course. Probably on a week day. I bet there are lesser people there to ruin the experience on weekdays.

The place is too beautiful for just one visit.


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