What Do Your Pets Do When You’re Not Around?

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Since starting work in an office, I’ve been away from my pets for longer periods of time than I am used to.

I currently have 4 dogs and 1 cat. Since moving in to a new house, my cat no longer lives with me. She lives with my girlfriend.

The dogs stay with me. And they’re all smelly now because I haven’t been able to give them their baths.

What I’m really wondering though is what they’re up to when I’m away.

Maybe I should set up a CCTV system to check up on my pets when I’m not around. I can only guess what they’re doing.

DeBi, my first dog, is probably just hanging out in her cage. For now she’s the only one who’s caged because I’m afraid that some neighbors might become vindictive and take their ire out on her.

Long story short, she bit someone.

DeBi is a guard dog through and through. You come anywhere near my fence and you are going to get bit.

Other than that, if she sees I’m ok with you, she won’t bother you. Heck she’ll even let you pet her.

As soon as I get that perimeter fence set up and secured, I’ll let her free again. For now, she’ll just come out when she needs to do her business twice a day.

Minute (DeBi’s daughter) is most probably gallivanting around the neighborhood. Minute is as smart as her mom. And an escape artist par excellence.

She can sniff out escape routes with ease. She has so far managed to make 7 escape routes.

She’s usually the one that greets me when I come home because she’s the only one that can get out of the fenced in area.

Chokie (Debi’s puppy, 2nd batch), I suspect, is most probably standing guard over Dookie.

Dookie is most definitely asleep.

I’m obsessing over what they’re doing because I’m not used to being away from them for a long time.

I should probably get a dog sitter to keep them preoccuppied.

… Or get that plan done where they get a bigger place to run around in. 


I asked my neighbor what my dogs were doing while I was away and it seems like I was right.

Except Chokie isn’t standing guard. He’s also asleep.

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