Going Into Labor Is Scary For First Time Moms and Dads

Going into labor is stressful

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Going into labor is one of the scariest things one can experience whether you’re the mom or the dad. I guess much more for the mom.

This day could probably be summed up as the best and the worst.

My wife is going into labor and I have an unfinished task for GammaWeb. To put things in perspective, my wife comes first and then my job.

So we rushed to the hospital.

It was a struggle keeping calm while driving. I just wanted to get to the hospital as fast as possible and not get into an accident.

Waiting at the Emergency room is scary when there’s an old woman in a wheelchair who is showing signs of distress and coughing up a storm.

I did not dare to sit down in any one of the seats reserved for patients waiting to be served.

COVID 19 has made me paranoid and borderline hypochondriac.

I had to leave for a few minutes to get some papers in order and when I got back to the ER, my wife had been wheeled into the Delivery Room.

Going deeper into the hospital’s facilities has me on edge.

I had to go get a blood test and an X-ray. Blood test came out ok but my X-ray results weren’t as good.

Something was wrong with my lungs.

Yeah, more than 20 years of smoking cigarettes will do that to you.

I’m glad I quit smoking. Who knows what my lungs would’ve looked like had I kept it up.

Finally got a room and was told to wait.


How can I wait? I was so stressed out. My wife was going into labor and I was told to sit still and twiddle my thumbs.

Going into labor is stressful
Going into labor is stressful

That’s why I wrote this blog entry down.

The room was nice. The staff was nice. I just wish I had something to complain about.

There wasn’t.

Davao Doctors Hospital really is a good hospital.

So I waited.

Oh wait… let me complain about the TV remote control. It was so confusing. Other than that, it’s like being in a hotel.

Time to get some work done for TheAutoSunday.

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